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Shiun Kung Fu System, which fully integrates the very essences of Chinese Kung Fu with Western physics, is an innovative energy system for practical combat techniques and vigorous workouts.

In terms of traditional Chinese Kung Fu, our system encompasses various well-known schools of martial arts, such as Eight-step Praying Mantis and Ba-gua Kung Fu, Ba-ji and Xing-yi Kung Fu, Tong-bi and Taiji Kung Fu, and so on.

Therefore, under  Kung Fu System, every practician of different ages and genders may build up his or her own method of systematic training in personal health and fitness on the basis of Kung Fu. Not merely does the exercise substantially enhance practicians’ inner strength including “Chi”, it can also be applied to defend themselves for all practical purposes.


Shiun Kung Fu System


(Classic Kung Fu System)


(Inner Strength Building System)

Shiun Kung Fu System

Solid Foundation on 18 Different Praying Mantis-based Combat Techniques
Incorporation with Various Traditional Schools of Martial Arts

Pan, Lian, Ding

All sub-systems under Shiun Kung Fu System are established to be practiced on the basis of three phases

Phase I


Understanding the theorem of traditional
Chinese Kung Fu

Phase II


Learning the practical methods of traditional
Chinese Kung Fu

Phase III


Internalising into part of the way the body works


Classic Kung Fu System

Orientation to CKFS

If you utterly fancy dynamic aerobic workouts, the primary option for you is CKFS, which includes:

  • Workout Training

  • Combat Training

    • Self-defense
    • Active Fighting(optional)

Appealing Traits

  • Retention of Overall Quality and Beauty of
    Traditional Kung Fu

  • Encompassing the Very Essences of Chinese Kung Fu into
    Practical SHIUN Defense Techniques and Strategies

CKFS helps you…

Burn Calories and Eliminate Fat to Build Optimum Body Shape

Workout to Improve Superb Muscle Performance

Train to Enhance Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance and Body Elasticity

Receive Maximum Results of Vigorous Exercise in Traditional Chinese Kung Fu in a Short Term

Acquire Noticeable Ingenious Techniques in Self-defense, Street Combat and health care in accordance with the devised courses


Inner Strength Building System

Orientation to ISBS

If you remain preferable to mild grounding exercises like the flowing tide, you might choose ISBS:

  • Stage 1 – Direct assistance with obtainment of the power from Mother Earth

  • Stage 2 – Steady accumulation of inner strength

  • Stage 3 – Transformation of inner strength

  • Stage 4 – Practical application

Master Keys

  • Quick and easy restoration of body health and
    great reboost to the work effectiveness and efficiency

  • Sharp intensification of ultimate power in traditional Chinese Kung Fu

ISBS gives you…

Sense Fluid Dynamics of Internal “Chi” of Your Body

Heal and Restore Your Physical and Mental Health Condition

Increase Your Inner and Outer Strength, Flexibility and Tone

Detoxify and Purify Your Soul

Attain Vigorousness and Concentration
Achieve oneness with the higher soul

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