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Shiun Kung Fu System, which fully integrates the very essences of Chinese Kung Fu with Western physics, is an innovative energy system for practical combat techniques and vigorous workouts.

In terms of traditional Chinese Kung Fu, our system encompasses various well-known schools of martial arts, such as Eight-step Praying Mantis and Ba-gua Kung Fu, Ba-ji and Xing-yi Kung Fu, Tong-bi and Taiji Kung Fu, and so on.


What is your definition of FASHION?

What is a desirable LIFESTYLE for you?

For Master Chu...
SHIUN KUNG FU SYSTEM is your fashion icon
doing SKF sport enjoys a current vogue as the key to
health and well-being.

Learn With Master Leon Chu

– The 4th-Generation Inheritor of Eight-step Praying Mantis Kung Fu

-️ The 3rd -Generation Inheritor of Wei’s Taichi Kung Fu

– The 4th -Generation Inheritor of Shang’s Xingyi Kung Fu

– The 4th -Generation Inheritor of Gao’s Bagua Kung Fu

– Founder of Shiun Kung Fu System

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Due to having the hectic pace of modern life, people nowadays usually fail to take regular physical exercise in a long term; however, once they have leisure
time to do so, a well-integrated set of training system is unavailable for their adoption and body maintenance.

In view of this main drawback with the current sport system, a brand-new method of practicing, Shiun Kung Fu System, is established by Master Leon Chu, which encompasses the very essences of Chinese Kung Fu. It even allows learners to have vigorous exercise far more efficiently and effectively than that is practiced in traditional Chinese Kung Fu.


  1. Finds tough and demanding training of traditional Chinese Kung Fu unbearable.
  2. Attempts to be equipped with defensive combat techniques within a short time.
  3. thirsts for attendance at the workshop on practical exercise.
  4. desires to cultivate body strength and fitness by an effective but simple way.


SHIUN KUNG FU SYSTEM is a reflection of Master Leon Chu’s passionate enthusiasm for living a healthy, simple, balanced and trendy lifestyle. Our courses contain the highest quality elements of authentic Chinese Kung Fu that are specifically devised to work synergistically to nourish, replenish, protect and detoxify your body and mind.

SHIUN KUNG FU SYSTEM Lifestyle is all about simply living with conscious awareness of keeping perfect balance between spiritual and physical health; embracing yourselves, your bodies and your lives; it initially beings with power of natural universe to assimilation of inner strength, gentleness, positivity and enthusiasm while consciously applying Shiung Kung Fu techniques to feed our bodies and our spirits with the highest quality, highest-vibration, highest life-force exercises.

SHIUN KUNG FU SYSTEM regards caring for ourselves as an act of self-love, and recommend maintaining a balance between health conscious living and indulgence.

You are warmly invited to join us on our unique journey of purifying our bodies, uplifting our spirits and relishing our fitness and beauty.

# Easy Access
# Re-energising
# Weight-loss
# Playfulness

Master Chu’s holistic approach to health building is the driving force behind the framework of SKF System. Our courses are designed to enrich your body and spirit – they are about taking a moment for yourself, during your busy day-to-day routine to de-stress your mind and strengthen your body figure.

Every movement you take has a positive effect on your body health and spiritual mind. Correct outer force create positive inner energy vibrations within the body.

On the back of each of our courses, there are mysterious essences of Chinese cultures on Martial Arts to inspire and generate your power (Chi). Chi is significantly influential among mastery of our body function. This reminds you to take a moment out of your busy day, to be present and mindful in all that you do.

SKF System are of the highest quality and exquisiteness. Every of our special movements or techniques is derived from authentic Chinese Kung Fu back up with theories of Physics used for healing or increase the inner and outer body force.

Each of our courses are infused with high performance certified schools of Chinese Kung Fu such as, Eight-step Praying Matis Kung Fu, Ba-qua and Ba-ji Kung Fu, Xing-yi and Tong-bi Kung Fu, and Tai-ji Kung Fu, and many other highly active and replenishing modern functional fighting skills.



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